New and Improved RainworksWe’ve got a new design, complete with mobile responsiveness, and a blog to boot. My intention with this blog is to discuss web topics for the non-technical, yet web-connected professional – tips and tricks, pitfalls to watch out for, trends in the industry, etc. Content writers, project managers, small business owners, solopreneurs, marketing folks, creatives, and freelancers will probably find my content useful. I do not intend to get very technical – I don’t think this will be a blog that fellow developers will probably find very stimulating, and that’s on purpose.

Also note that there is an RSS feed as well!

The Comment Policy

All comments are subject to moderation by me. My comment policy is pretty simple – be relevant, no hate, no bad faith. Trolling comments will not be approved, nor will hate speech. There are plenty of other places on the internet for that stuff; here is not one of them. You may feel free to hawk your own website and blog posts, so long as they’re relevant and constructive to the topic at hand. Obviously, spam will not be approved.

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